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Enjoy the best snorkeling location in Jmaiaca...

You can walk striaght into the reef from the beach.
No need for tank dives, our location offers scuba quailty reef life with just the use of a snorkel.
Swim through the channel of the reef & snorkel the reef wall which has a 60-100ft drop to the sea floor, the water is so clean you can see all the way!
Without the jet skis, ships & resort polution that other locations suffer, the reef in Port Maria continues to flourish.

Day snorkelers are available...

Scools of beautiful fish swim in the clear blue sea, sprinkled by rays of sunlight that bring out the vivid colors of the fish

A sting ray swims by...
You will also see lobster, parrot, snapper, angel doctor & many more brightly colored fish

Healthy sea fans & coral lie just below the sea's surface...
Gaint stag horn coral up to 12ft wide are abudant.

Boat trips to the outer reef & Cabrita Island are available