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We actively support Galina Primary School &
Port Maria Primary in St.Mary & Bensonton All Age school in St.Ann

Jamaica is still struggeling with providing basic infostructute and sadly many of its school & youth clubs have very little resources, add to that low income that many families have, then things can be abit grim...If you can help us to help our kids, then please drop me a line...

Welcome to
Galina Basic School

Galina Basic has 240 pupils with only 6 classrooms. the ages range from 3 - 12yrs.
The kids come from low income families who strive to send their kids to school, in the hope of a better future...
Ms Neil, Principle has been at the school since the 60's & is dedicated to giving her pupils as good a start as possible...

The outdoor sink works as both water fountain & wash basin



...What the schools need...

Any donations will be gratefully accepted.
I have asked the schools what they need,so here goes!
writing pencils / crayons /chalk / rubbers / erasers / rulers / pencil sharpeners / used reading books / art materials(glue-glitter-selotape-paint) football / small balls / skiping ropes /baseball bat / posters for the walls(time-tables-abc-health ect) microscope / magnifing glass / Altas / CD's for the PC / paper  ect

Thank you...



Nanny & friends

These ladies recieved prizes in the Christmas Party dance competition....each Christmas we make sure that every child in the village gets a little something...most kids dont have a Christmas as we know it..a little sure goes along way to making it a special day.

Sanata Claus came to town!!
2 very happy kids who got a surprize visit from Santa via a great guy from USA called Tracy...Our local kids love to get a sweetie, ball or a small treat from'll make  a friend for life !

Thank you to all givers, no matter where you are or who you give too...
Kindness & love will always make a difference